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In-Home Support/ Personal Care

In-Home Support/ Personal Care

Caring Queensland’s friendly staff can assist you in getting your day off to the right start. No matter how much or how little support you need to get going, we have motivated support workers to make getting up and getting out easier.

Your home should be a safe place of comfort and pride. Caring Queensland respects your home and your lifestyle, WHAT makes you special is the WHAT we want to be able to foster and grow. Your preferences and your needs inform the way Caring Queensland’s staff assist you in achieving your personal and health goals.

Caring Queensland’s support for your health and lifestyle goals are met by offering assistance in a respectful manner. We provide day to day services including: safe and informed hoist assistance, assistance with getting dressed, personal grooming, assisting with laundry and dishwashing, showering, toileting and brushing teeth.

Caring Queensland’s staff are excited to assist our participants to achieve new goals. Our Staff are ready to inspire, empower, enable and take part with our participants to build skills in living a healthy and rewarding lifestyle. We can be involved in planning the food you eat, grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning, exercising together and developing good hygiene habits.

Trained professional staff are able to assist in administration of medication as per Dr/ Specialist written instructions by following the 6R’s- Right Medication, Right person, Right dose, Right time, Right route, Right documentation.

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