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Community Participation

Community Participation

Getting out and being a valued member of your community is just as important as enjoying your home environment. Using the social support model, Caring Queensland can help you to extend your independence beyond the home. This will enable you to enjoy the experiences in your area, whilst building up your confidence to make meaningful lifestyle choices.

As your independence and confidence grows your ties to the community grow too. From here you will be able to try new experiences and further skills in existing accomplishments like hobbies, leisure, sport and health, music and arts and community programs like gardening, volunteering, and participation in public events.

Caring Queensland can support you to attend therapy, medical, school and job appointments.

We can support you to meet new people and access programs you are interested in. We can facilitate building and maintaining respected relationships with partners, friends and family.

Caring Queensland’s respectful staff are available to facilitate your access to your community with confidence. Alongside you, we can support you with personal grooming, travel, training, role modelling, communication and navigation. So you can look your best, feel your best and get the most out of your life in the community.

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